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Welcome to Hanusarstova

Where we invite you to experience The Faroe Islands from the locals perspective


Who are we ?

Hi! We are Harriet and John - aka Mrs. & Mr. Hanusarstova.

To us Hanusarstova isn’t just the place we work, it is also our home. This is the place our dreams came true, the place we’ve worked hard to create, the place stories are told, meals are shared, good conversations take place and the place closest to our heart. Little did we know back in 2013 when we decided to buy an old abandoned house in the tiny village of Æðuvík, how much this house would mean to us now 6 years later - but one thing is certain, it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Harriet it now a 5th generation sheep farmer in the village, taking over the farm after her father. While sheep farming isn’t a career in it self, Harriet has managed to turn it into so much more than that. As a photographer Harriet’s art work is mostly based on the animals on the farm, especially the sheep, which decorate many homes by now including Hanusarstova. To Harriet animal welfare is key, she talks to them with her gentle voice and makes sure of their well being every day.

John is the handyman, salesperson, fixer, bookkeeper and storyteller. He is very passionate about everything he does, especially building and his braised lamb that he cooks for 10 hours +, and believe me when I say it is probably the best lamb you’ll ever have. He will go above and beyond to please everyone and especially when it comes to Harriet’s (his wifes) crazy ideas he is eventually always keep for any project - be it an instagram friendly chicken-coop , baby quails, baby lams, herb garden, event or anything else.

Together we have worked hard for Hanusarstova and are now ready to share it with you. We invite you to come join us on the farm, dine with us, meet the animals and enjoy the hospitality. We’ll tell you stories, answer your questions, show you our world, let you smell some fermented meat and taste The Faroe Islands - to us that is what Heimablídni is all about.