Happy Easter


We hope you're all taking time to relax, enjoy and celebrate easter with loved ones. For us easter is celebrated mostly at home, having loved ones come for dinner, going to church and of course taking care of the animals. We recently got 20 tiny baby quails in the house and they are adorable. Although still no lambs, we are expecting them any day now - that means they need extra feed, careful watching and cuntiues counting. So far so good... Although some of them have gotten tired of being pregnant and heavy, while others have a bit of a limp because of all the pressure on their legs and one of them has gotten a food infection that needs treatment - A warm footbath once a day for five days + penecilin shot.

The weather is also getting nicer around here and today we've even enjoyed some time in the sun. Hopefully this will continue all through lamming season, fingers crossed.

We hosted a lovely dinner for some sweet ladies on Monday and are looking forward to a busy season at Hanusarstova, although there are still some spots availeble if anyone is interested.

Happy easter everyone!