And the winner is...


We've been a bit absent on the blog lately, the main reason being lambing season here on the farm. Every year from mid April to aproxomently mid May we get roughly 70 lambs here on the farm - this means alot of cuteness but also ALOT of work as we have to check on all of the expecting mothers and lambs every single day multiple times a day. Sheep can get all the same complications humans do when giving birth and then some, so as a farmer we also need to know how to be a vetrenarian if needed. Unfortunately even though we do our very best that sometimes isn't enough, Faroese weather conditions and the fact that sheep like to hide when lambing sometimes makes it difficult to catch every complication. This little lamb on the picture is named Jack, he is our bottlefed pet sheep because his mother unfortunately died due to unknown reasons - Harriet found him all alone, cold and hungry up the mountain in the fog, pure luck actually.

He is now living with us in his new house and big fence together with the chickens which he loves to chase and play with. Most nights he still sleeps inside our bathroom and he gets fed milk every two hours. He loves all the attention he's getting and already thinks he's a dog.

He is now almost two weeks old and although he had a rough start on life, he is doing well and seams to be a happy sheep.



On other note - remember the giveaway we had a while back, where you could get the chanse to win a Hanusarstova T-shirt ?

First of all we want to thank everyone who has signed up for our newsletter, it really means alot.

Secondly we found a winner and the winner is : Eerin Hardman - congratiolatins Eerin. The winner will be notified directly via email.

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