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established in 1898

Hanusarstova is the name of our house, originally built in 1898, expanded in 1915 and now totally renovated in 2014.  


To be honest we bought this house sort of on a joke, we where looking for houses in the Capital area but after having searched for over a year, we drove past this old abandoned  house one day and thought why not?  We started our adventure in 2013, only a year after we got married by tearing most of the house down, saved what could be saved and built everything else up again. Most of the work that's been done to the house we've done our selves, with some good help from friends, family and this amazing community called workaway. 

On desember 24th 2014, we moved in to this house  and are now living the dream in a tiny village called Æðuvík, Faroe Islands. With our family being expanded from being only the two of us + our dog Lady - we are now 2 adults, have a foster daugther, two Border Collies, a barn cat, 13 chickens and a pet sheep. 

Our house is located just a few 200 meters from the ocean and cliffs, little under 300 meters  from the harbor and one hour drive from the capital, Tórshavn. We are surrounded by nature, sheep and beauty, with the most amazing sunrise each morning, with views of the northern lights and shooting stars on the terrace in winter, waking up to birds singing in summer and front view seats to the ocean and all it's glory. 






The house

Hanusarstova is the name of our house. Originally built in 1898, this house is the second oldest in the village - with lots of history, soul and "hygge". In 2014 we bought this house after it had been vacant for 10 years. The house went through total renovations, but we tried to do all we could to persevere as much as possible and even painted the house it's original colors again.

We moved back to the village to pursuit our dream to become mostly self susstaineble sheep farmers. Hanusarstova "Heimablídni" is a big part of making that dream come true - since sheep farming on it's own isn't a profitable business per say. At our house we offer:

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Hanusarstova is located in Æðuvík, a small town with roughly 103 inhabitants located on Eysturoy, Faroe Islands. On our property we have chickens, dogs, sheep and a barn cat. On the farm we also plant our own potatoes, herbs and rhubarb, grow our own hay for the sheep and of course get our own eggs. In the near future we plan on building a studio/apartment in order to be able to host even more events mainly, but also to occasionally host sleeping guest and artist retreats.

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Although we are mainly sheep farmer, we do have other animals on the farm too. Among these are 10 chickens and a rooster, two Border Collies named Lady and Jess, a barn cat called Zoe and then of course the 65 sheep. Our animals are mostly free range, except for the dogs they are part of our household and prefer sleeping on the couch.



We always aim to use as much Faroese produce as possible, this includes all we can get from our own farm of course but also trading with friends, family and neighbours.




Package 1 - Lunch

For lunch we welcome you to try our soup for starter followed by traditional Faroese open sandwiches - Rye bread with a wide selection of toppings of your choise.  


Minimum of 4 people

350 kr pr. person

Book in advance - for bigger groups send us a message and we'll give you a special offer.


Package 2 - Three course meal 

Join us for dinner at Hanusarstova, with a homemade three course meal.

Starting with Faroese tapas, a tasting of different tradtional Faroese foods.

Dinner, with our very own family recipes served with our own twist.  

And homemade dessert with coffee/the to top it all of of course. 

Coffee/The and water are included in our menu, although if you'd like beer or wine with your food please send us a request.


Minimum of 2 people

750 kr pr. person - drinks included


650 kr pr. person - with water + coffee/the

Book in advance - for bigger groups send us a message and we'll give you a special offer.


Package 3- Coffee & cake

If there is anything that is very Faroese it is to always have cake with your coffee/the. Here in Hanusarstova we are very serious about our cake and desserts - so with us you'll only fine fresh homemade cake and desserts. This offer is specifically well suited for groups, but if you'd like to try it - you are of course welcome to send a request and we'll do our best to fit you in. 


Minimum of 4 people

150 kr pr. person

Book in advance - for bigger groups send us a message and we'll give you a special offer.