Do you want to be part of the Hanusarstova team?


We've been busy these last couple of months. Although we are always busy, being farmers and all - these last few months have been extra hectic.

At the moment we are expanding our house to also include a multi house/Bed&Breakfast right next door.

Today is the big day where our project will be launched on the faroese Crowd Funding website - Hópfígging. Where we are looking for new team members to help us build our dream, to be part of this big project and help make it the very best possible. >

Our dream is to host people and events from all over the world. That our multi-house will be a place of inspiration, creativity, mindfulness, dreaming, recharging and positivity. Not only will the studio be a place to rent, but also a place for show, creative outlet, arts and music - with in house possibilities and catering right next door.

A place where we combine and share our life as farmers with a more creative outlook.

With one part of the multihouse being a drying shed with grass roof - where the sheep can grass all year round instead of using lawn mowers and where you too can enjoy the view, hang out with the animals and even possibly see some northern lights.

All drawings are made by our talented Dutch friends Claire Oude Aarninkhof landscape architect & Joep from KRAFT architecten. And we are already well on our way to make this happen - with the Hjallur/drying shed, fundament and concrete wall already up the first steps have now been made.

Every donation being made to this project means the world to us.

To be living the dream and going back to basics as a farming family with time, energy and passion to focus on daily life on the farm - where animal welfare and self sustainability walk hand in hand. Where we invite you to be part of the team and join us on the farm, even if it is just for a few hours.

Most of the work will be done with our own labor, however we do need to hire professionals to do the ground work of the Multi House.


If this is something you would like to be a part of or even just contribute to any pledge would be greatly appreciated.

Follow this link and it will take you to the crowd funding site :