Giveaway & Web-shop launch !


Here at Hanusarstova we are proud to announce the launch of our web-shop, with our very own gear. We almost can’t believe that this is happening - thinking back on our journey to Hanusarstova, how we ended up buying this old abandoned house at a random, renovated everything our selves and now are farmers of the little town of Æðuvík. A farm where animal welfare and sustainability is a priority, where we invite people in instead of keeping our doors shut, where instagram friendly building is a thing and where there is always room for more projects and ideas.

With the launch of our online store, we hope to spread the word even further. That Hanusarstova is much more than a house it’s an experience beyond the ordinary, where your first visit is an attraction and after that it’s like coming home. Where you’ll fall in love with the animals and if your lucky you’ll even get to name your favorite sheep.

The Web Shop

On our web - shop we have two possibilities at the moment.

Hanusarstova Gear - with T-shirts, mugs and other Hanusarstova gear. This mostly applies to our Heimablídni/farm side of the brand.

And then we have Posters by Olafsdóttir, who is also known as Mrs. Hanusarstova - the posters that started it all. These posters are pictures of our own sheep, photographed by Harriet her self, printed in The Faroe Islands and packed + shipped from our home in Æðuvík ( Hanusarstova).



In connection with our web-shop launch we want to give back - to you, our community! With our very first giveaway on the website, two lucky people will get the chance to win their very own Hanusarstova T-shirt.

All you have to do is :

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Thank you so much for all of your interest and support in what we do. Every sign up, comment, like and buy means the world to us.