We're pregnant


The sheep that is of course - or most of them to be exact. Within the next month or so these fields will hopefully be filled with baby lams, the ewes are struggling to keep up with their bodies at the moment - so most of their time is spent lying down, relaxing and eating close to home.

Sheep are normally pregnant for 151 days or roughly 5 months - they majority of the lamb grows in the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy and this is when the ewes need extra feeding and supplements to get by.

Lamming season starts late April and goes on for roughly two months, where hopefully the majority of the lambs will be born within the first tree weeks - most of our sheep only have one lamb, while if we’re lucky we usually have two sets of twins. The sheep all give birth outside and usually manage well on their own, although I will spend most of the next two months looking after and making sure everything goes well. Lamming season is to be honest both the best and the most exhausting time to be a farmer. We’re of-course excited to get all the little additions to our flock, but also living in the rough nature of The Faroe Islands things don’t always go as smoothly as planned and unexpected events always tend to happen - like snow, storms, lambs falling in ditches, lambs getting lost from their mother, stillborns, milk fewer, mothers not wanting their lamb, bottle feds and so on…

We’re just praying that things will go smoothly this year and the loss will be minimal. Even though sheep tend to be quite hardy animals, they are at their most fragile this time of year and extra care is needed to make sure everything is alright.

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