New Chicken Coop in the making


There is alot going on at Hanusarstova at the moment - With spring slowly starting to show here in The Faroe Islands, lambing season just around the corner and summer season slowly starting.

These last few weeks John’s been working on a new chicken coop - our little flock is slowly growing and we’re planning on getting a few more chicks this spring. The design and module is completely our own and we’re trying to use as much of materials that we already had lying around as possible - for example we’re using sheep’s wool as isolation and the old windows from the original “Hanusarstova” are now installed in the new coop.

This month we will also be getting quails - mostly for egg production. We’ve been told they don’t like the Faroese weather that well and prefer a nicely shaded and wind proof housing so we got a big two stories rabbit house that we’re renovating and adapting for them.

Hopefully within the end of this week we’ve come close to getting both houses done and ready to move into - although we might wait a tiny bit with the actual move and instead slowly introducing the chickens to their new area. That being said - they are very curious and love hanging out wherever we are, so they are already spending more and more time at the new coop even though they can’t get inside just yet. The chickens are free range and do mostly whatever they please so getting them a new coop won’t really change alot other than more nesting boxes and roost for them to sleep on + more space for us to keep it clean.


I think the sheep like the new coop too - hopefully they don’t think it’s for them. Although Olaf has tried to get in the tiny chicken door a few times - he isn’t the smartest of the flock, but definitely one of the more stubborn ones.