Food with soul


Here in Hanusarstova we always aim to serve food with soul, as much as possible is food from our own farm - that includes eggs from our own chickens, potatoes from our potato plantation, herbs from our kitchen garden and lamb from our own farm. When not possible to use our own, we choose other local suppliers for most of it.

Also the recipes are our own, inspired from cuisines all over the world or handed down through generations, most of them have a special story connected. Like Harriet’s blinis, John’s grandmother’s Rhubarb jam or halibut salad like my mother always makes it, all made with love and care.

Heimablídni isn’t just a meal served with locals it’s a meal served with soul and local stories. You’ll enjoy the view, meet the animals and get to ask all the questions you can think of. Our goal here in Hanusarstova is, that when it’s time to say goodbye you’ll have the feeling that you’ve just visited friends or family and that one day you would like to come back.