Haying Season


With haying season being over and all of the hay gotten dried and into the barn. We thought we'd show you a few pictures from the process of haying at our little farm. 


On the farm there are roughly 70 ewes and 3 rams, that being doubled in the spring when all of the lambs arrive. For all those sheep, we sure do need alot of hay. Here in Æðuvík we've always done all of the haying by handpower. 


We cut the crass, turn and shake it what feels like a thousand times until we finally put it in bags, haul it down to the barn and whatever doesn't get dried naturally by the wind and manpower, has to be dried in the barn by a home-fixed motor, some pallets and a large plastic wrap. 


The hay all get stored in the barn and should last us throughout the winter, so that the sheep can be grass fed, even in snow, storm and other rough conditions. We care for our animal's well being and try to feed them a bit extra hay through the winter and our aim is that the hay we have at the barn always is top quality and filled with healthy natural vitamins. We believe that this not only makes the sheep thrive and happy, but in the end also makes for healthy and sturdier lambs in spring.


This year we where fortunate enough to have alot of hands helping out at haying season and we are aiming to keep the old hand-powered tradition of haying here in Æðuvík strong and have as many helping hands as possible each year - without all of the help, none of this would even be possible. 

So what is the pay, you might ask? 

Well for most of us a good meal and some good company, that's all - but I promise you, it's a free workout session with lots of breaks for good soul food and the best pancakes provided by my ever so trustful grandma.