Welcome to Æðuvík




We are Harriet and John. Together with our foster daughter, two dogs, cat, chickens and pet sheep, we live in this magical house named Hanusarstova. 

Since we met back in 2010 we've always loved hosting people and showing off our beautiful country. The small village of Æðuvík is the place we call home and to us the most magical place in the whole of Faroe Islands. Believe it or not we still wake up in awe from time to time and almost have to pinch ourselves because of the views, nature and beauty right outside our window. 



Some of our favorite things about this place include : 

- The most amazing sunset each morning 

- Viewing the Northern Lights from our Hot Tub

- Stargazing, bonfires and morning coffees on the terrace 

- The sheep surrounding our house 

- Waking up to birds singing in the morning

- Hiking up to the lakes only takes 10 - 15 minutes 

-The freedom, peace and quiet 


- The blessing of having family close by